TerraColor® Product Specifications

The TerraColor global coverage is divided into 1272 5x6 degree tiles (each a seamless mosaic of several Landsat scenes). The TerraColor mosaic tiles are offered in the Geographic (Latitude Longitude) map projection and the WGS84 datum with units of decimal degrees. The pixel resolution (GSD) is 0.5 arc-seconds (0.0001388 decimal degrees or ~15 meters). (The Arctic Ocean and Antarctica bundles are offered in additional projections, see below.) TerraColor can be purchased in JPEG2000 and ECW compressed image formats (lossless or lossy) in 5x6 degree tiles for ease of use and delivery, and also in uncompressed 1x1 degree GeoTIFF tiles.

5x6 degree tiles in JPEG2000 and ECW compressed formats:

  • Tile size: 5.05 degrees north-south and 6.05 degrees east-west
  • Overlap between tiles: 0.05 degrees.
  • File size: Variable due to compression, but < 2GB each in lossless format

1x1 degree tiles in uncompressed GeoTIFF format:

  • Tile size: 1.001388 degrees north-south and 1.001388 degrees east-west
  • Overlap between tiles: 0.001388 degrees (10 pixels)
  • File size: 149MB

Complete mosaics of large countries and continents are also available as single image files in ECW or JPEG2000 formats. Other map projections such as UTM and Mercator can be provided upon request.

The Arctic Ocean and Antarctica bundles are also offered in additional map projection more suited to vizualizing the polar areas (such as Polar Stereographic and Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area). The pixel resolution (GSD) for these projections is 15 meters, and they have different tiling structures than the standard Geographic image tiles.

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