TerraColor® NextGen Pricing and Ordering

TerraColor NextGen is priced by the licensing level required for your usage and the number of 1 x 1
degree image tiles needed to cover your geographic area. Click here to download a vector index
map showing the location and filename of each 1x1 degree tile in the current NextGen coverage.

To request a quotation or order tiles, please contact us with the extents of your desired area in Lat Long
coordinates, countries required, or other exact description of your area of interest. You can also subset
out an exact set of 1x1 degree tiles from the index map and email that to us. The image below
shows the complete and partial countries currently available. Additional imagery beyond the borders is available
in many areas, please see the index map for full available coverage. New areas come online frequently
so please inquire if you do not see your desired area below or in the index map.

TerraColor NextGen coverage

TerraColor NextGen full country coverage as of 15 May 2017 (click for larger image)

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