Recently upgraded areas include:

  • Svalbard, Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya
    (Arctic Ocean)
  • Balleny Islands, South Orkney Islands, and South
    Sandwich Islands (Southern Ocean)
  • Philippine Islands and Okinawa
  • Spratly and Paracel Islands, South China Sea
  • Borneo, Sulawesi and New Guinea
  • New Britain, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
  • New Caledonia and New Hebrides
  • Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania
  • Red Sea and Persian Gulf coastal areas (Landsat 8)

TerraColor® Satellite Images of Earth

At Earthstar Geographics, we provide satellite imagery content for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our flagship TerraColor product provides affordable, high quality satellite images with seamless global coverage of the earth at 15-meter spatial resolution. Our product is used by most of the world's leading web mapping services, which makes it arguably the premier product of its type in the commercial market. Whether you need an image of a large urban area, a province, a country, a continent, or the entire planet, TerraColor is your off-the-shelf solution.

TerraColor Features:

  • A complete, integrated globe of data with pole-to-pole coverage, no gaps or holes
  • 15-meter spatial resolution (pixel size) is suitable for mapping at scales of 1:60,000 and higher
  • 15-meter imagery for polar areas to 82.6 degrees North and South
  • Detailed mask to remove clouds, ice and image edges from ocean areas for a "clean" look
  • Options to fill ocean areas with blue water fill or bathymetric shaded relief fill
  • Extensive upgrades to reduce clouds, improve quality and update imagery

Our clients use TerraColor imagery for a wide range of applications, including web-based mapping, GPS tracking, scientific research, natural resource exploration, military/defense logistics, flight simulation, 3-D visualization, television, print and film images, and many others. Using our specialized processing techniques, we have created some of the world's best images of remote areas (such as polar islands) and cloud-plagued areas (such as equatorial countries). We can also build custom images of nearly any area using recent data, and we offer reduced pricing to non-profit and educational clients.

NEW - We now offer TerraColor imagery of the Arctic Ocean (including our new mosaics of Svalbard, Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya) and Antarctica in map projections optimized for visualizing the polar areas.

TerraColor is now the default global imagery basemap in Esri's ArcGIS Online. To see it, click this link to open ArcGIS Online. Then click Basemap, and select Imagery or Imagery with Labels. (See our FAQ for more information on the TerraColor version used by Esri.)

Congratulations to NASA and the USGS on the successful launch of the Landsat 8 satellite!