TerraColor® Global Imagery - Pole-to-Pole Coverage

TerraColor Global provides complete global coverage, with 15-meter resolution imagery except at the extreme polar caps (where Landsat does not have coverage). This makes it perfect for virtual globes or any applications requiring complete global coverage. Unlike our competitors, we have supplemented the original GLS2000 Landsat 7 coverage with additional Landsat 7 and 8 15-meter imagery for much of Antarctica and all missing islands (see the diagram below).

Other vendors will tell you that they cover "most of the world's landmasses" at 15 meters but they don't tell you exactly what is missing from their product coverage (in fact, most don't really know). Global snapshots can be misleading unless you ask for details. We have tracked down and integrated data for Antarctica and all of the missing islands so you don't have to do it yourself. So now you can purchase a single, unified dataset that covers the entire planet produced by one vendor.

The diagram below shows the areas missing from the GLS2000 base Landsat coverage (offered by most vendors), and the sources of additional imagery added by Earthstar to fill in a complete global coverage. (This diagram does not show the areas where Earthstar improved the GLS2000 coverage, see the Upgrades page for more information.)

TerraColor global coverage


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