TerraColor San Francisco Bay Image

San Francisco Bay area, California, US

TerraColor NextGen Satellite Imagery

TerraColor NextGen is the next generation of our product line using new (2013-2018) satellite imagery. NextGen products are mosaics of multiple pan-sharpened Landsat 8 scenes that have been carefully processed and balanced to provide high quality color and contrast. Recent imagery can be critically important for many applications, and NextGen provides an up-to-date medium resolution base map of the entire globe. NextGen also provides a perfect complement to high resolution imagery by providing a consistent, regional view of larger areas.

TerraColor NextGen is 100% "true color" imagery. This means it is built from Landsat 8's bands 4, 3 and 2 (which image in the red, green and blue wavelengths of light similar to those in which the human eye sees), along with the 15-meter band 8 for pan-sharpening. So the colors look truly natural (as you would see them from an airplane), which is usually desireable and sometimes very important. (Some vendors produce imagery using infrared bands that simulate "natural colors" so the distinction can be significant.) We also produce the imagery with an optimized contrast stretch to maximize information content and make key features easier to distinguish.

TerraColor NextGen products can be purchased by 1x1 degree or 5x6 degree tiles. New imagery is available for all areas except Antarctica (and a new version of that is coming early 2019).

Singapore NextGen Image

Singapore NextGen Overview

South Africa NextGen Image

South Africa NextGen Overview

NextGen VisSim Image

Flight simulator image using NextGen imagery of Northern Territory, Australia (courtesy Gibson Sceneries).